More reasons to choose Tutorsystems software for computer-based instruction!

Motivates Students to Learn
As a student uses Tutorsystems software, an ever-expanding learning spiral evolves. The student Develops Skills through tutorials which are challenging but not frustrating. This achievement Promotes Confidence. This new confidence Improves Attitude and Provides Motivation to develop additional, more challenging skills.

Skills are presented in a life-oriented context and move the student from lower order thinking skills to higher order thinking skills. Skill reinforcement is provided through the use of a student manual and reproducible student worksheets.

Correlated to Popular Tests
The Tutorsystems Basic Skills Series is correlated to ABLE®, CASAS®, CAT®, TAAS®, TABE®, TALS®, and many other popular tests. Easily generate lesson plans based on the results of your preferred assessment. Use the Tutorsystems Prescription Builder to quickly create an individualized lesson plan from a student’s assessment results. Or, use the included pretests to test students and automatically prescribe appropriate lessons. Ten computer-delivered pretests in Basic Skills and eight in Career English ensure each student a comprehensive, individualized lesson plan to quickly remediate skill deficiencies.

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